We all know forwards need to shoot, head, turn, score… No news there! But are your players getting enough insight on how to perform their roles at optimal technical and physical levels? The time when strikers stay inside the box to put the ball on the net is long past!

Modern strikers and outside midfielders have great tactical knowledge to position for infiltration, such as diagonal runs behind the defense, runs to avoid being offside, and runs to drag the opponent and open spaces for other players.

Decisions change according to the context of the game and adapting to that is crucial to succeed on the field. This is a big part of our camp methodology.

Here are eight things every striker should know to advance their skill level:

  1. Game understanding: How to position before the ball comes. These seconds make a difference when racing the defenders.
  2. Great finishing skills: Understanding the different parts of the foot that can be used to score based on the situation the game provides.
  3. Physical attributes: Strikers hardly have much space to play. Knowing how to hide the ball from the defender in a smart way is essential.
  4. 1v1: Recognize and optimize 1v1 situations by changing speed, changing direction, and doing so in the correct time.
  5. Movement: Make different runs to both attract the defender or attack the space.
  6. Space awareness: Constant scanning for space and teammate positioning. SCAN, SCAN, SCAN.
  7. Timing and Space: Don’t only dominate passing, shooting, dribbling, but also angle, timing and distance.
  8. Confidence under pressure: Remain calm, be aggressive and enjoy scoring! Also, having an amazing celebration is a plus!

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